Discounters and retailers

Flexible delivery to multiple locations

TKT insulated containers are ideal for delivering to multiple locations from a central warehouse. Waiting times can be avoided: Simply leave the TKT insulated container in your store and continue the delivery tour. On the way back or on the next delivery of goods, the empties can be taken back.

Different goods on one truck

With our TKT insulated containers, you can transport chilled or frozen goods on a truck alongside other products. This way, you save the use of expensive refrigerated trucks and can use your trucks efficiently. Thanks to this high flexibility, TKT insulated containers are already in use in many large food chains.

No transport damage

The sturdy TKT insulated containers protect your goods against damage during transport. If damage should occur to the container itself, it is easy to repair. After a short repair training session, your employees will be able to replace almost every part of the TKT insulated container.

Meat transportation

Easy meat transport

With our TKT insulated containers, you can transport meat easily and safely. Our system helps you to comply with the ATP regulations (agreement on the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs) and the HACCP regulations (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which require that all food placed on the market is safe.

Built-in hanging rails

In order to be able to transport larger parts of pigs or cattle, we also offer our TKT insulated containers with built-in meat rails. The meat is then hung on special meat hooks. Costly waiting times can be avoided when delivering meat. Leave the TKT insulated container behind after delivery and take it with you again on the next tour.

Easy cleaning

Since hygiene is a top priority for a butcher, the TKT insulated containers are very easy to clean due to their smooth inner tubs. There are no residues that can lead to unpleasant consequences.


From fresh dough to cream

For bakeries, TKT insulated containers are the ideal transport solution. Be it cream or fresh dough – in our cooling systems, your goods are safe. Deliveries to your branch stores are possible along with other baked goods in your van. Costly waiting times can be avoided by leaving the insulated container at one location and taking it with you the next time goods are delivered.

Insulated containers with a baking tray

The H-340, C-560 and C-720 models were developed for daily bakery operations. Baking trays can be inserted into these TKT insulated containers so that time-consuming repacking after delivery can be dispensed with.

Use as a freezer

Our TKT insulated containers can also be used in your store as an alternative to the freezer, thus saving energy costs. Cooling is guaranteed for up to 24 hours without additional active cooling. That way, goods that need to be kept constantly cool, do not even need to be repacked.

Fish transportation

Fish stays fresh even without a refrigerated truck

Transporting fresh fish together with other foodstuffs on a truck used to be impossible. With our TKT insulated container, it is now possible to transport fresh fish up to 18 hours without additional energy costs.

No interruption of the cold chain

An interruption of the cold chain, which can occur when a refrigerated truck stops or opens, is ruled out with TKT insulated containers. This avoids the hassle of checks during refrigerated transport. Another special feature is that the container can be transported in conjunction with other goods on a cargo bed.

Condensate is collected

Fresh fish is often cooled next to cold plates with loose ice. The condensate is collected via a water collecting system in the TKT insulated container. With special drainage technology, the defrosted water can then later be drained and disposed of in a controlled manner.