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Innovative concept: TKT insulated containers for temporary storage

Storage space is scarce. Especially mini markets and small local shops, which are popping up again more frequently, are familiar with this problem. Moreover, cold storage is expensive. TKT insulated containers can offer a solution.

TKT continues to invest in sustainability

For TKT, environmental protection and sustainability are not only important when it comes to insulated containers. TKT also continues to invest in sustainable production at its own premises. For example, our lighting has been completely converted to LED lights.

TKT introduces CryoSystem in Switzerland

Premiere for TKT’s new CryoSystem: for the first time, the cooling system, which uses liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium for TKT’s insulated containers, will be exhibited at a trade fair in Switzerland. The 11th Swiss Commercial Vehicle Show transport-CH, which will take place in Bern from 10 to 13 November 2021, will serve as a big stage for the presentation of TKT’s innovation by a nitrogen supplier.