Cooling options in the TKT insulated container

Various cooling systems for the optimal transport of your goods

Cooling systems serve to extend the transport time. From a transport time of more than 2 hours, the standard and the European guidelines recommend the use of additional coolants.

1. Eutectic plates – can be recharged time and again by freezing
The eutectic plates are available for fresh (-3 °C) and frozen foods (-21 °C). The eutectic plates are made of a cold-resistant, food-grade, age-resistant and impact-resistant HD polyethylene plastic, which is manufactured in one piece. This is filled with a non-toxic brine (salt / water mixture). The eutectic plates can be frozen repeatedly in a rapid freezer cell or in your cold store.

2. Dry ice – for single use
The cooling of TKT insulated containers with dry ice is done by the addition of slices or blocks of dry ice. The dry ice has a temperature of -78 °C. The cold is released by sublimation (conversion from solid into gas). The cold is available very quickly and is emitted immediately to the TKT insulated container. Dry ice can be purchased from various suppliers throughout Europe.

3. CO2 – the TKT module is filled with CO2 for each use
Here a cold cell (cassette) is placed in the upper area of ​​the TKT insulated container, which is filled with liquid CO2. When the gas is introduced, it loosens and becomes dry ice. The cold is released through sublimation. For such a CO2 system, an installation of technical hardware (e.g. tank, pipe system, etc.) is necessary. The system is therefore only suitable for customers with a large stock of TKT insulated containers.

4. CryoSystem – cooling with liquid nitrogen
The newly developed cold cell is installed in the upper area of the insulated container and is filled from above with liquid nitrogen. The cooling temperature can be maintained for up to 36 hours. Nitrogen can be purchased from any supplier. A tank for nitrogen should be present. The CryoSystem is therefore often only suitable for customers with a larger stock of TKT insulated containers.