TKT helps worldwide with their boxes to transport the corona vaccine

One of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, the TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Limited in Israel, works for the transport of the corona vaccine of Biontec/Pfizer with cooling boxes of TKT from Arnsberg, Germany.

TKT did further developments on their existing boxes to face the challenges of keeping the cold chain of the vaccine and to coves the special requests of pharmaceutical companies. So the temperatures can be easily maintained by minus 70 degrees. Before TKT boxes were mostly used for the transport of chilled and frozen food. As one of the first companies TEVA was using the boxes from TKT. The Isreali company is working in 70 different countries around the globe and counts to the ten biggest manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in the world. TEVA is the worldmarket leading company for generic medicaments. For the global player the TKT boxes are one important component to transport and distribute the vaccine securely.

Israel isn’t the only country where TKT boxes are used. A lot of other countries are working already together with TKT to develop and implent special cooling solutions for the transport of vaccine.

The Israeli television channel i24news broadcasted already some more information about the vaccine transport with TKT boxes: